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[IP] airports

Neal and Karla wrote:

> What do you do in airports with metal detectors?  Do you quick 
> release or walk through and have the alarm go off, and then explain?  
> Do the metal detectors screw up the mechanisms in the pump?

I use the quick release and walk on through.  I rarely beep now, but when I
first used the pump I used the bent needle and maybe the metal needle set it
off more...If I beep, I will take change out of my pocket, my keys, etc. walk
through again.  If I still beep, they pull me aside and do that Magic wand
thing.  it beeps over my pump..I take it off my belt, say it is an insulin
pump and 9 times out of 10 they have been oh - ok...I could have 300 units of
Heroin or opium in there for all they care or know...Twice they have asked me
to take it off...I have refused saying "it is attached."  would they ask an
amputee to remove his prosthesis...would they ask a paraplegic to PROVE they
can't walk through the airport with out a wheelchair...

I have been through airports all over the US, UK and France with very little
incident.  JUST make sure you have written prescriptions of all medicines and
Especially for syringes...otherwise you might be detained when they xray your
bag and see 200 insulin syringes...

Besides, didnt you say you were just pumping saline?  why not just disonnect
and pass it around in the little coin tray.  they will ask you what it is
probably, maybe ask you to demonstrate like you do with a computer or
camera...big fuss I'd rather avoid.  

I don't advocate being difficult for most people.  I am just good at it.

Sara, whose pump ought to have its own frequent flyer number for as many
flights as it has taken!!
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