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Re: [IP] Bubbles in tubing and other such annoyances

email @ redacted wrote:
> Has anyone figured out how to get the freaking bubbles out of the reservoir
> tip?  I don't care what I do, I always end up with bubbles at the tip when I
> push the insulin into the tubing.  Has anyone conquered this annoyance? 

Sure. I just push it slightly into the tubing, then tap the connection on the 
side with it tiled to get the bubbles into the needle hub at the hose end and
push it out with the beginning of the insulin.

> for the people who reuse reservoirs...  Has anyone pulled the insulin that is
> left over form the tubing back into the reservoir before they refill it?  

I haven't bothered, since the 20 units or so in the tubing will be used up
in less than a day and not deliver decreased strength insulin by then.

> that unclean, because of risk of bringing what's left in the tip of the Canula
> back into the reservoir?

For me it doesn't matter, since what's in the syringe gets dumped out anyway.
The reason I change it is to get rid of the old insulin that had been at room
for 2 days or so, not just to refill the syringe and reconnect it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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