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Re: [IP] airports

I have had the detectors go off, but much less in the last 5 years.
Usually airports are fine in larger cities while the smaller ones with
older technology seem to go off.  The last place one went off was at the
Empire State Building in New York in May.  I showed the pump and they
didn't know what it was but weren't worried.

I was told by MiniMed to never let the electronic wands anywhere near the
pump, so if an alarm does go off, I quickly tell them not to bring the wand
near the pump.  They usually ask to see the pump and run the wand over the
rest of me.  If all else fails, and what I used to resort to in the
beginning, was showing the infusion site.  THAT ended the inspection pretty

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

>I took a friend to the airport the other
>day and the metal dectector went off when
>I walked through it.  I figured it was the
>pump.  I pulled it out of my pocket and the
>security person started to take it from me.
>I quickly explained that the tubing was
>connected to me, and that the pump gives me
>insulin.  I had to hold it in my hand so he
>could use the hand held metal dectector and
>see that it was my pump that set of the walk
>through metal dectector.
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