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[IP] Re: Anti-Depressant and BGs

    I am very interested in the thread about depression medication and diabetes control. The university hospital I go to is conducting some research study on this very subject, and they have asked me if I would be willing to participate. Apparently, they will prescribe a known anti-depressant, then chart A1Cs for 16 months or so. I don't believe they will monitor how insulin needs will change, so I was interested to hear that people have had to change basals, etc.
    The clinicians told me that persons with diabetes suffer from depression at a higher rate than the general population, which I don't really believe. Besides, wtih all a person with diabetes has to worry about, there is good reason for some anxiety, frustration and resignation at times! So I was interested to read that several people on this pump list are taking medication for depression. I guess I don't even want to believe I could be depressed, although I was pretty despondent after my first three weeks on the pump. We shall see. If the researchers think this will help me feel better, then fine. And if it helps my BG control, so much the better. And I will get all my lab work, test strips and exams paid for during the study. Sign me up.
    Does anyone know of any resources on depression and diabetes? My web searches haven't uncovered much.