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Re: [IP] airports

Neal & Kara,

Sometimes the detector beeps and sometimes not. I am militant about not
disconnecting - it always seems like a silly step to take to have to reach
into my clothes to do this. Besides, those of us who pumped before quick
release couldn't do this anyway. Nobody's ever been rude once I've
explained that it's not a beeper that I can remove. Yes, you could avoid
this by temporarily removing the pump and stashing it in a purse or hand
luggage. However, I think it would make a nice public scene to reach into
my pants, unplug, dump a pump and all the tubing onto their little tray,
and then stride through! (Not!)

I just got beeped at thanksgiving (San Diego) and got the wand treatment.
It just slows you down, they didn't give me a hard time. After all, my
watch beeped too (that was a surprise) and I got 'caught' with a contraband
piece of fruit (I forgot about the signs) and had to throw away an orange I
was carrying. Luckily I wasn't in any hurry.

>Another newbie dumb question:
>I am getting my pump soon and will be taking it cross-country for the
>Christmas holidays (full of saline).  What do you do in airports with metal
>detectors?  Do you quick release or walk through and have the alarm go off,
>and then explain?  Do the metal detectors screw up the mechanisms in the
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