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Re: [IP] Need advice please

My bgs rise for about a week before my period(Ave about 200).  Then I 
get a huge drop when it starts.  I usually just set a temp basel 
increase for the week while it's high(1.2% for me).  Before I went on 
the pump I was so out of control that my periods were even more 
irregular, and I didn't notice this.  My educator told me that most 
women experience this(I'm only 17, "woman" for 4 years:-), so I never 
paid attention)

>Do any other women notice this rise in blood sugar about once a 
month? I'm
>trying to figure this out, I seem to have about 2 - 4 days of highs 
that I
>can't get to lower. Then about two weeks later I have 2 - 4 days of 
lows that
>I can't get to go up. Some of these low days I can eat a whole box of
>Snackwells without taking a bolus! Do blood sugars fluctuate like 
this with a
>woman's menstrual cycle? or is it just coincidence?
>Sorry men for bringing up a touchy subject. 
>email @ redacted
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