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Re: [IP] It's not so simple

Natalie, thank you...
You stated it beautifully.  the frustration can be incredible, and some
times more so than others.  then add in the 'friends' that that seem to
care, to have that bubble burst when i  hear them say 'well, all you have to
do is...........'  Whatever!
i have printed your post out, cutting off your name and such, but keeping
the IP info so i can be reminded that i'm not crazy or being bad when all
goes haywire.
since having my misscarriage(sp?) mid July all has been thrown to the
wind...inside/outside/upside down.
thanks again for putting that ever elusive thought together for me.(i'm
being a little selfish right now)
& evryone else.

lisa ann
type 1 since 1970 at age 3
IP assimilation 9.26.89

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