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Re: [IP] Need advice please

Do blood sugars fluctuate like this with a
> woman's menstrual cycle? or is it just coincidence?


My pattern is 2-3 days before menses, I have an especially difficult
time controlling the wild/out of control dawn phenomenon.  I'll awake in
the morning with BG's over 400 or sometimes I am awakened in the middle
of the night because I have to urinate-- to test and find BG's 300-400
or as high as 500!!  These highs also seem to be very resistant to
boluses.  This lasts until about Day #2 of my menses, then I become
super sensitive to insulin, and have lots of hypo's.  Unfortunately, I
don't have regular cycles that I can time by the moon, so it is
difficult to anticipate these wild highs.  I have only found that I can
treat them with boluses after the fact.

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