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Re: [IP] Need advice please

At 03:15 PM 12/4/1998  John Huff wrote:
>Hi Judy C. --
>> The next day in the afternoon the same thing happened but this time I
>> 1.5 units-her sugar rose again. Bolused again after checking the tubing
and 1
>> hour later she went down to the 200's. Bolused for high blood sugar and
>> she had a snack and bolused for that. I checked her before bed 243- bolus .3
>> and checked her in 2 hours(1 a.m.) 441!!!!
>Are you bolusing too *little*?  Less than 3 units sounds awfully small for a
>bolus to me.  For instance, my basals are 0.6 u Humalog, between midnight
>and 7AM, and 0.8 u H per hour between 7AM and midnight.  I bolus *at
>least* 6 u H before meals.

I've also found that when you hit the higher ranges of BGs you need to use
a higher ratio of insulin to bring the levels down. For me, I normally
bolus 1 unit for every 40 point drop of BG level. But when I've gone above
240/250 I need to use closer to 1 unit for 30 point drop. That's about 1/3
more. Some people may need even higher ratios. We had a discussion about
this a few weeks ago and I think that quite a few other people found this
to be true also.


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