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RE: [IP] Anyone else?

At 07:00 PM 12/4/1998  Rhonda Tyo wrote:
>I've been on the pump for 2 1/2 years.  I have lows in the 30's and still 
>coherent!!  I know for me my eyes  are my first clue something is amiss...
>and I think that the "gradual" falling of the BG is why you don't "feel" it. 
> I had to change my way of thinking and "feeling" after going on the pump.  
>It's different, but a good different...I don't feel like my body is at "war" 
>anymore.....I love my pump and wouldn't give it up for anything!!!!!!! By 
>the way,if you're crazy...I"M CRAZY.....and that's as far as I'll go with 
>that one!!!!! LOL

I would have answered this one last night, but I had a sneaky low of about
39. I admit that I was doing some work about the house, and I knew that
something didn't quite feel right, but it was not a pronounced feeling.
(Just how do you pronounce that feeling?? <vbg>) I think I recall my doctor
saying that it is the rapidity of the BG drop that causes most of the
classic symptoms. I have found that, with rare exceptions, my BG's with the
pump don't drop as rapidly as they used to when I was on MDI. But, since I
had some low BG sensitivity impairment prior to the pump, I can't say that
in 6 months anything has changed (for better or worse...)

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