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Re: [IP] airports

At 04:36 PM 12/4/1998  Neal & Kara wrote:
>Another newbie dumb question:
>I am getting my pump soon and will be taking it cross-country for the
>Christmas holidays (full of saline).  What do you do in airports with metal
>detectors?  Do you quick release or walk through and have the alarm go off,
>and then explain?  Do the metal detectors screw up the mechanisms in the

In October, I went through the detectors without a single squawk. My pump
did not set off any alarm. And, no-one asked me anything. The pump kept on
ticking and didn't skip a beat. They do make random checks of some carry-on
luggage (and your diabetic stuff should be in carry on)... its happened to
me in my pre-pump days. I just explain what it all is, and they let me go.
Some people will beep the system no matter what... usually it's just excess
change in the pockets, keys or heavy belt buckles. Just don't feel paranoid
about it... they aren't after diabetics. And, most people never think the
pump is anything but a pager (which are as common as fleas).

(scratch, scratch)
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