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Re: [IP] To be or not to be

At 11:10 AM 12/5/1998  Ruth Elowitz wrote:
>Just my 2 cents but your concern strikes me as quite reasonable.  I've had a 
>pump for a long time so I am sometimes a little less enthusiastic than all 
>these guys.  I wouldn't trade it for shots for a moment.  However, it is not 
>a miracle, it is faulty, it doens't always work and what's more, even when 
>it does work it still is only as good
>at controlling your bg as you are at using it.   Despite all the endorsement 
>here there are people who get frustrated and give up.  It may be a fantastic 
>choice for you.  You sound intelligent enough to use it well.  But it seems 
>unfair to me to go into it without knowing that it will not work faultlessly 
>and what's more, you may
>ocassionally forget a bolus or whatever -- all recoverable problems but ones 
>that will need to be dealt with.  Its good to clear up any misconceptions 
>(negative and positive) so you go in with a clear picture of what's ahead.

Amen!! Although I've been pumping only about 6 months now, I'm very
pragmatic about it. As I've said many times before, a pump is just a
tool... and this tool will only work as well as the knowledge of the person
using it. In other words, the pump by itself does nothing. It's your skill
and motivation in using it that counts. 

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