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[IP] It's not so simple

Type 1's suffering from unexpected highs and lows certainly get

I wish it were so simple as "take the right amount of insulin" and
you'll have normal BGs, but it's really more complicated than insulin,
diet and exercise. :(

There are a bunch of hormones that act as insulin-antagonists -- like
practically every hormone in the body!! Women get swings based on
estrogen and progesterone levels, and children get swings based on
levels of growth hormone, and all of us get swings based on levels of
stress hormones!

Add into that the fact that often, Type 1's have damage to the alpha
cells of the pancreas as well -- those are the cells that secrete
glucagon -- and then you have a highly unpredictable system! :(

So don't feel bad if you can't control things perfectly, and you don't
always get the results you expect -- the fact is that you don't have the
tools that would allow you to control perfectly. At this point, even a
glucose sensor hooked up to the pump wouldn't control your BGs
perfectly, because all it could react to would be the glucose level, but
not to the level of other hormones.  That means that if it kept feeding
you insulin because of a high, you could easily crash if the highs were
caused by stress hormones, and then the stress hormones cut out. 

I maintain that all we can do is the best we can, and then we shouldn't
worry about it -- no, life isn't perfect, and yes, we (or our children)
are at risk of complications, which really COULD happen, but we mustn't
beat ourselves up over it -- the goal needs to be enjoy the quality of
life right NOW, and anticipate for tomorrow as best as you can, but
then, when tomorrow comes, ACCEPT it, whatever it brings.

Good luck to all, 

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Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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