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Re: [IP] airports

Ted Quick wrote:
> Neal & Kara wrote:
> > What do you do in airports with metal
> > detectors?  Do you quick release or walk through and have the alarm go off,
> > and then explain?  Do the metal detectors screw up the mechanisms in the
> > pump?
> It's usually ignored, likely because so many people wear beepers and such.
> I've never been stopped or asked about it going through a security gate.
> There seems to be no problem with the detection systems bothering anything
> in the pump.

Coming home from Seattle after Thanksgiving, I got beeped and inspected
by the Seattle airport. The inspector asked what the pump was, and then
asked if it was attached to me, so I showed her the infusion site.  I
don't have quick release sets (because I'm still struggling with ins.)
so it's a good thing she didn't ask me to take it off, or ask me to give
myself a bolus to prove it was what I said it was!

I guess it depends on luck, eh?

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