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[IP] RE: job discrimination

    I was reading the tread on this subject and totally agree with Sara.
Most of my adult life I had few problems getting or holding a good job but
that was AFTER I had established a reputation as a very good precision
millwright. I had to work harder than the average person and hide all of the
paraphernalia just to conceal the fact that I had diabetes. It would burn my
britches too that after they went to testing urine for catching the "dopers
and smokers" I had to be especially careful and make sure my BG was normal
the morning of the physical. That was OK with me cuz I never needed an
excuse to take better care of myself anyway, I always had three FINE reasons
waiting for me at home.
    Companies do indeed discriminate against people with all kinds of health
problems. There is no getting around it. You have to hid it the best you
can. All the more reason to try and take the best care of yourself that you
can. I had to be a cut above the others in my field so that when they did
find I had diabetes, and they WILL find out eventually, they would say "Oh
yeah, well it sure has not interfered with his work. He is one of the best
millwrights we have ever had here. He can handle anything." I have been
retained from all lay-offs and kept through some "bad times" although I was
a diabetic and the company knew it because I was outstanding in my field and
took very good care of myself and the companies interests as well. When you
get in the habit of taking care of your business taking care of theirs just
comes natural.
    It will always be this way. You have to be your best and better than the
rest in order to "Shine". Only then will your employer see that you are
their ONLY logical choice. You are the best in your chosen field and have
proved that you can take care of your business and theirs too.
    Sorry about being so lengthy but I thought it was time to say all this.
Sorry too that it turned out sounding like a U.S. Army commercial! LOL. "Be
all that you can be!" Get a pump.

IDDM 39 507 2 and still shining!
Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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