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Re: [IP] Need advice please

Sounds like you've got a great example of the text book version.  Exactly!  Mine
fluctuate but are not quite this predictable.  Biggest problem is they go up 1-3
days before my period but since when that is varies (somewhere between 29 & 36
days) I don't always catch it.  The low part happens to me mid month too.  I
sometimes notice a few days of highs just before it. I've wondered if this might
be linked to ovulating.  Again, which day is not entirely consistent so I can't
tell exactly.  Ideally, you'd just have an alternate set of basal rates for these
days (506 pump doesn't have more than one).

email @ redacted wrote:

> Do any other women notice this rise in blood sugar about once a month? I'm
> trying to figure this out, I seem to have about 2 - 4 days of highs that I
> can't get to lower. Then about two weeks later I have 2 - 4 days of lows that
> I can't get to go up. Some of these low days I can eat a whole box of
> Snackwells without taking a bolus! Do blood sugars fluctuate like this with a
> woman's menstrual cycle? or is it just coincidence?
> Sorry men for bringing up a touchy subject.
> Barbara
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