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Re: [IP] Congratulations Ellen


The sof sets are better for the metal problem (I have a little bit of that one
and in the early pumping years it was a nightmare.)  Watch out for the red
itchy sites.  The red itchiness makes them susceptible to infection.

If you tape the cannula down and press against it with your finger tips as you
pull out the needle it will stay in place easily.

I had the muscle problem too with the sof sets.  Some of the people around here
are probably faster than me but It took me a while to figure out that bunching
up the skin (as you do for a regular injection) causes several problems:  the
muscle problem or the cannula crimps or it slips out.  Try standing upright and
keeping the skin flat.  Use the sof serter (it really really helps get them in
cleanly).  Use your hands first to feel for muscle.  If you are straight
upright you will soon be able to tell places likely to work and places unlikely
to work.  Even after 17 years and however long the sof sets have been around, I
still don't always get it right, but it mostly works (that's how most of
pumping is -- it often works great and sometimes sort of once in a while not at

Best of luck!!  enjoy!


> I tried on both infusion sets... the sillowette site grew red, itchy and
> tender but then I have a metal allergy and even syringes do this to me
> sometimes, especially now... I'm on 4 shots a day, poor woman's pump and 6
> bg's daily soon to be 8... already doing the 3am tap dance with an el chepo
> extra alarm clock... I have to use certain lancet sets because they don't
> cause my fingers to swell and itch... the softset infusion set I put in
> with the softserter and I know that I hit muscle with it... I was doubled
> up in a ball trying to get enough skin and fat to bubble up, like I usually
> do... yes, I have become a contortionist... I use 3/10 short syringes and a
> 45' angle or I end up shooting into muscle which causes it's own set of
> problems... I have very little body fat left, am 5'4 and 108 now from all
> the bg problems/insulin switches etc and that's why the pump... concerned
> about twisting of the canula when I pull out the needle... anyone know any
> good tricks???
> At 02:21 PM 12/4/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >Yes, I was VERY EXCITED my first day on the pump, and now (one month
> later) I love it even more, because I am less scared of hurting my sites.
> >
> >Congratulations, you will love it.
> >
> >Lisa
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