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[IP] To be or not to be

Aaron & Sara,

>many of us disconnect for showers or sex or changing clothes and merely take
>the missed basal before disconnecting or after reconnecting...it all goes into
>the same pot eventually.

I would really think about that bolus before or after that intimate time.
Think of it as another form of exercise.  =)   

>> And finaly it is not benefit to go from 2% accuracy to 0.02% accuracy.

>Besides, as Mary jean and Randall said, the pump can be much more accurate -
>if you take 1 unit of inuslin for 16 grams of carbohydrate...how do you figure
>that out with a novopen that delivers insulin in .5 increments (I
>believe)...You either take 1 unit and short yourself for 1 on those grams, or
>you take 1.5, thereby overinsulinating yourself by .4

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here...
I thought you could have the pump specially programmed to give .1 increments.  

Something I don't believe I have seen anyone bring up.  On a pump, your
night time blood sugars can remain very stable.   This also helps a great
deal to bring down your A1c.  

reading VIA digest

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