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RE: [IP] Anyone else?

I'm the very same way!!!!!as a matter of fact, I always wake up when low and test and have a pack or 2 of smarties and go back to sleep...before...I was totally under and wringing wet and didn't remember anything....I'm like you also...I get WIDE awake......but then again, I don't feel bad afterwards....that's a BIG PLUS for me.......my .02......LOVE MY PUMP..!!!!!!(can't say it enough!!!!)

Rhonda,  You bring up an interesting point that I want to ask about.  I also
believe that the gradual drop in BG makes me less sensitive to lows.  However,
I have noticed one big change since I have been on the pump.  When I have a
low BG in the middle of the night, I wake up and even sit up in bed.  Because
I do this so consistently, I know when I wake up that I am low.  I will check
and then eat.  Before the pump, I would sleep into a reaction until it was
fairly severe.  Does this make any sense to anyone?  It seems like with the
subtle changes, I would be less likely to sense that I am low.  I am happy
with my response, but don't quite get it.  ellen
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