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RE: [IP] Anyone else?

I've been on the pump for 2 1/2 years.  I have lows in the 30's and still coherent!!  I know for me my eyes  are my first clue something is amiss...
and I think that the "gradual" falling of the BG is why you don't "feel" it.  I had to change my way of thinking and "feeling" after going on the pump.  It's different, but a good different...I don't feel like my body is at "war" anymore.....I love my pump and wouldn't give it up for anything!!!!!!! By the way,if you're crazy...I"M CRAZY.....and that's as far as I'll go with that one!!!!! LOL
hang in there....IT'S WONDERFUL...(my opinion).....
I have read several messages where people have found that they feel reactions coming on sooner on the pump than they did without it.  I have found just the opposite.  I was reading my email just a few minutes ago, when I noticed my eyes not being able to focus, I tested and was 44.  I never felt anything else.  I had some juice and now I am fine, but I have found that I now have to be in the 40's before I feel anything close to a reaction.  I used to feel them in the 70's.  I also find that I can't guage my bg level by how I feel anymore.  I used to feel bad when I hit around 230, now I can be 300 and not "feel" it. (I know I need to continue to test more often than I used to on injections because of this).  Is this because my body is getting used to being in a more "normal" bg range?  Or am I just crazy?  (Could be either! ;-)



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