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Re: [IP] vegan diabetix?

Hello Ellen,

In general, we Americans apply manifest destiny to everything, including
the consumption of protein. You do need some, though. I've tossed out most
of what I learned about food in the 60s and 70s, and am quite happy with my
inverted pyramid diet. I read an article recently in the NY Observer about
the resurrection of an all-protein diet that was a fad in the 70s, and is
picking up steam again, heart-disease be damned. So, yet another diet gets
talked about that involves eating A LOT of something. I guess we'll never

Congratulations on reaching a year of vegetarianism. When I first started,
I eased into it, quit, and started again. I haven't looked back in 17


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Hi Peter,  I am not a vegan, but I have been a vegetarian for about one
I was motivated to drop meat because of protein appearing in my urine.
say that the kidneys have more difficulty with protein so I quit eating
I haven't missed it, but I am not a devout vegetarian like some.  BTW,  I
felt much better on this kind of diet.  ellen
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