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[IP] To be or not to be


thinking person's question indeed.  I am impressed with your research and mean
no disrespect at all when I say this this question was actually a no-brainer
for some of us.  I, personally, do not intend to ever figure out the
percentages and variations like you have so scientifically done.  I know that
if I spend the time and effort on it today, while I am PMSing - it will all be
worthless by Monday,,,and next month when I am PMSing again, it wont be the
sam numbers cuz THEN I wont be stressed about Christmas!

As my pappy used to say...Un-lax - 

NOT saying that the poor man's pump isnt as good or better, if not cheaper -
my friend Julie maintains sub 6 A1cs on this regimen...but even she is now
considering the pump...why?  i think you have seen the answers here.  no
amount of money can replace the ease, flexability and good feeling of walking
through a store on the way to the ladies shoe department and they are handing
out Godiva samples on the first floor....no way am I gonna hike up to the 5th
floor bathroom so I can test my sugar, take a shot then go back down and hope
they havent given them all away cuz then I'd have to eat dex tabs cuz I
already took the insulin...With a pump - I take the morsel of sin into my
hand, eyeball it for weight and take a best guess at how much insulin it'll
use  and POP IT IN MY MOUTH~~~~~  ahhhh- then later go check my bs,,,"oops I
am a little high - better cover that with a quick bolus"...or better yet
"OOOppps a little low - cool a piece of Godiva doenst need 5 units...next time
i will only take 4...lets go test that theory right now, cuz I seem to
remember they were still out there...."

Regarding accuracy...havent you ever pulled into a parking space that you were
SURE was the right size only to have your passenger ding your door cuz there
wasnt enough room on the other side to get out of your car.  You didn't get
out of your car FIRST to make sure you were gonna fit, did you?  This is just
toooo much of a variable to compute on a daily, hourly basis!!!

>Now my question: How is the pump better?
> Is it only 
>I can set more than two basal rates.
>I can change the basal rate on the semi-fly.

so you can live a life normal by all standards?  yes yes yes i know a novopen
makes this almost possible, but you still have to BARE SKIN, and poke a hole
in your skin...unless you shoot through clothes, which i have done, but then
you cant see how much is oozing back out and there goes your accuracy thing

> If I remove the pump for any reason for any
> length of time there is a chance of missing a pulse with 
> a 17% error that hour. 

many of us disconnect for showers or sex or changing clothes and merely take
the missed basal before disconnecting or after reconnecting...it all goes into
the same pot eventually.

> And finaly it is not benefit to go from 2% accuracy to 0.02% accuracy.

well since the DCCT trials said better control was better overall, sure, but
why aim for an A1c of 5.2, when the improvement in complications is shown to
be affected by A1cs in the low 7s???  y.

Besides, as Mary jean and Randall said, the pump can be much more accurate -
if you take 1 unit of inuslin for 16 grams of carbohydrate...how do you figure
that out with a novopen that delivers insulin in .5 increments (I
believe)...You either take 1 unit and short yourself for 1 on those grams, or
you take 1.5, thereby overinsulinating yourself by .4

and just to re-iterate what a truly gREAT man once said...

>Moral of the story - if you don't like a pump, don't want a pump, or 
> otherwise have an axe to grind then you really don't have to have a 
> pump.  None of us are going to force one on you...[SNIP]
> If you want a pump and are ready to get one then we can pool our 
> experiences and help make your transition easier.  
            Randall P. Winchester

and they always say, end with good words - and those were them

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