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[IP] job discrimination w/ diabetes

Miranda wrote:

> during a first interview is not a good time to mention the diabetes; 

Actually, I think "never" is the best time.  Unless the job you are applying
is going to be compromised by you having diabetes...ie, you are in a scuba 
suit for 18 hours at a stretch with no food and no ability to test your blood
sugar the entire time and the lives of 45 people are in your care, or
something ridiculous like that. 

When you ask about benefits, just ask "do you include health insurance" and
if they ask "why," say "it is a normal request in this day and age of
dwindling benefit packages...and at what YOU are offering, you better have
SOMETHING to offer..." you may find a more polite way to say this...I don't

You are not required by ANYONE or ANY LAW ANYWHERE to say WHY you want health
insurance OR what religion you are OR what your age is OR whether you plan on
becoming a breeder 3 months after they hire you and go on 6 months maternity
leave...of course, it would be nice, but not required.  If they come right out
and ask if you have a pre-existing condition and you answer honestly, or if
you silently tell them, by pulling out your meter in the middle of the
interview, or not tucking your medic alert bracelet under your watch, then
that is your own problem.  

They may SAY they don't give you the job due to your pre-existing condition,
but they know the law - they know if they SAY that is why they passed over
you, then you can sue their ass for big $$$$ - oh, no - we simply found
someone with better qualifications."

In my opinion,  this is a personal responsibility thing like testing before
you drive
a car.  If you have epilepsy and can't sit in front of a flashing red lights
then don't go apply for a job at a place that sells flashing red lights!!!

Miranda wrote:

> Don't give them a reason to get distracted...I have job offers from 
> companies with stressful schedules and hectic hours - something I don't 
> believe I'd have if they knew of my diabetes.  

exatly!  they hear "diabetes" or "asthma" or "alcoholic" and they forget you
had a 3.9 GPA and increased sales for your last company by 250%.  As long as
the stress and hectic hours dont screw YOU up diabetes wise and they don't
find you passed out at your desk, why do they ever need to know?  This is not
to say HIDE IT...God knows I will be the first to whip the meter out at
lunch...but then I also dont make a BBBBBIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG  PRODUCTION (lights -
hey look at me!!!!!!!) NUMBER out of it...

Sara who is on some kind of smart ass roll again - uh oh - here come those
mothers again....gotta go....
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