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[IP] re: Kidney problem question

Sheri wrote:

>I know this subject has come up before but I didn't pay a lot of attention 
> to it since it did not directly effect my daughter.  Now I wish i had.  

i hear that...y'all were talking about insertion sites OTHER than the abdomen,
and I ignored them cuz I like it in the tummy...then I had appendicitis and
had to move it somewhere...and boy did I wish I  had paid attention...but then
Buddy gave you my phone number and 14 of you called me in the hospital and I
discovered my legs {{{{{hugs to IP}}}}}}}}

> This morning Dad got the results back from his 24 hour protein test  and 
> is showing small amounts of protein (or whatever it is diabetics show).   

Under 500, I believe, is called microalbumimism...and can be halted and
revered by ACE inhibitors like capoten, and there is some evidence that beta
blockers can also help - norvasc is one I was on for a while before capoten.
Once you go PAST microalbumimism into proteininuria, there is no going back.
The drugs help slow the damage, but it is not a cure, and you are on the drug

> i thought I have read somewhere that eating large amounts of protein 
> can complicate matters with the kidneys.  

this is cuz when the body doesnt get enough carbos - like in one of those hi
protein diets, the body starts buring muscle and other important stuff to get
the energy it needs - the by product of burning protein as fuel is ketone and
you go into ketoacidosis - When my dad did this diet in the late 70s, he was
using more of my ketodiastix than I was to check and see if he was into
ketoacidosis yet or not...the "desired" state for this f***ed up diet...(that
last bit is just my personal opinion)

> My dad has always eaten a lot of protein because that was the old school 
> of thought for Diabetics many years ago when he was diagnosed.  

yup - cuz it didnt cause the immediate rise in blood sugar that pure carb
does - that is why the ad says "Snickers Satisifies"  cuz thanks to the
peanutes and protein included, a snickers does not cause the immediate HUGE
rush of sugar that a, say, pure carb milky way does...and a NORMAL person then
doesnt get that HUGE rush of insulin leaving him even hungrier than before but
that is normal people...

> I mentioned that maybe he should cut down on his protein but my parents had 
> never heard of this.   

tell him he has heard it now...25 years ago, if you had a bleeder in your eye,
you were gonna go blind, period, end of story...now in the so-called
"enlightened" 90s...laser can save your vision...if a revised diet can save
kidneys, why not give it a shot!

> Am I totally offbase on this?  

no - your dad's doc is for not telling him...I reduced my protein intake since
finding out I had kidney damage...but I never ate a huge amount of  it
anyway...havent eaten red meat since college, other than a wendys burger
every now and again and my mama's lasagna, and still have perfectly red, not
anemic blood eating chicken and cottage cheese and whatever else finds its way
into my system

Lisa Anne wrote:
> I was told to eat legumes which are rich in plant protein 
> so I wouldn't deprive my system.

i was told protein was protein was protein...it still went through a similar
metabolic process...please tell me more

who likes her protein in the form of peanut butter, but who has given this up
in favor of a clearer, more adult looking skin...except during PMS when all
bets are off and I will eat whatever I damn well please and if you dont like
AGAINST SARA'S TRASHY LANGUAGE....oh yeah - well you ladies can also kiss
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