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Re: [IP] Congratulations Ellen

Ellen wrote:
>I tried on both infusion sets... the sillowette site grew red, itchy and
>tender but then I have a metal allergy and even syringes do this to me
>sometimes, ...  

>I have to use certain lancet sets because they don't
>cause my fingers to swell and itch... the softset infusion set I put in
>with the softserter and I know that I hit muscle with it... I was doubled
>up in a ball trying to get enough skin and fat to bubble up, like I usually
>do... yes, I have become a contortionist... I use 3/10 short syringes and a
>45' angle or I end up shooting into muscle which causes it's own set of
>problems... I have very little body fat left, am 5'4 and 108 now from all
>the bg problems/insulin switches etc and that's why the pump... concerned
>about twisting of the canula when I pull out the needle... anyone know any
>good tricks???

I know how you feel... I'm 5'3" and weigh 104.  I tried the sofsets for
awhile, but had very few places where I could pinch up enough to use them.
I struck muscle quite often and it was *extremely* uncomfortable.  I'm
currently using the silhouettes with much better results.  I'm able to use
more sites, because I don't have to go so deep.  I use my abdomen and have
begun to use the "love handle" area -- the sides of the back, down low,
just above your hip bone -- even though nobody could describe me as having
love handles <vbg>.  As far as twisting the cannula goes, I don't think it
would be a problem with sils, the cannula is a bit more stiff than the one
for the sofsets.  Most of the crimping problems reported here occur with

However, I don't have a metal allergy problem to the extent that you have.
I do have a bit of a reaction, though, and have to limit my earrings to
silver posts, otherwise, I get a really nasty infection in my earlobes...
sorry, I digress.  You might try the silhouette again, once you become
comfortable with the insertion technique, the needle doesn't stay in you
very long, less time than it does with the sofset because of all the
fiddling around with tape.  You might ask your medical team about using a
skin barrier or perhaps a benadryl cream before your insertion.  I have no
idea if this would work, or if it would even meet the sanitary standards
you need, but it is worth asking about.  What do you currently do when you
have a reaction to a regular syringe?

Mary Jean
(who also loves biscotti-- now I just bolus and eat!)

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