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Re: [IP] Need advice please

    Just adding further corroboration here too..If Melissa goes higher than
300 for any reason ( like today when for some reason she realized the set
wasn't "clicked in" properly) no matter how much she boluses for the high, the
bgs don't drop for at least 60 minutes, often not until 90 minutes.  As to
where the "missing insulin" went, why that's easy....it went into the same
black hole where all the missing socks from the dryer go!!!...But while you're
all speculating, we still haven't figured out how Melissa forgot to give a
dinner bolus the other night & her bgs never went high?...For a second she got
really excited & said "hey, maybe I'm not diabetic anymore"...Uh huh,
sure...and that car pulling up out front is the guy from the Publishers'

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