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[IP] Need advice please

Two days in a row Megan has experienced high blood sugars in the 300's for
several tests. The first day after I bolused 1.5 units and her blood sugar
rose I injected and pulled out the infusion(which was working the day before
but was only 1 day old(comforts). There was no kink in the infusion which is
what usually is the problem. I hooked the infusion up to the pump and bolused-
insulin came out freely. Set new infusion(in stomach again)

The next day in the afternoon the same thing happened but this time I bolused
1.5 units-her sugar rose again. Bolused again after checking the tubing and 1
hour later she went down to the 200's. Bolused for high blood sugar and later
she had a snack and bolused for that. I checked her before bed 243- bolus .3
and checked her in 2 hours(1 a.m.) 441!!!!

Removed infusion-no kink! I don't get it. The insulin again was flowing freely
out of the pump. WHere is the missing insulin? What  is going on here. I also
looked at the spot where the infusion was to see if insulin came out of the
hole but did not see any.

Thanks for any help. You guys are the best.

Judy C.

PS New insulin in the cartridge 4 days ago.
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