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[IP] Anyone else?

I have read several messages where people have found that they feel reactions coming on sooner on the pump than they did without it.  I have found just the opposite.  I was reading my email just a few minutes ago, when I noticed my eyes not being able to focus, I tested and was 44.  I never felt anything else.  I had some juice and now I am fine, but I have found that I now have to be in the 40's before I feel anything close to a reaction.  I used to feel them in the 70's.  I also find that I can't guage my bg level by how I feel anymore.  I used to feel bad when I hit around 230, now I can be 300 and not "feel" it. (I know I need to continue to test more often than I used to on injections because of this).  Is this because my body is getting used to being in a more "normal" bg range?  Or am I just crazy?  (Could be either! ;-)



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