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Re: [IP] Adrenal insufficiency

Linda wrote:
>I appreciated Mary Jean's recent post about the June 1995 article in Forecast
>on other autoimmune disease that go with IDDM, because Monday my endo had
>ordered an adrenal insufficiency test for me (ACTH stimulation).  


>the article made me think this was a more desirable explanation for my
>weight loss, and tiredness (and quite sharply lower insulin dosage) than
>anything the gastroenterologist could tell me next week, so I wondered if
>anyone on the list is dealing with it?   

Linda, after reading this, I dragged out my magazine (yet again) and
re-read that section of the article.  I had previously only skimmed it,
having latched onto the thyroid information.  It states that the adrenal
unsufficiency is found in about 1 in 16 people with thyroid autoantibodies
-- I'm curious, do you also test positive for the thyroid autoantibodies?
I'm interested to hear the results of your tests.

Mary Jean

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