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Re: [IP] Adrenal insufficiency

I appreciated Mary Jean's recent post about the June 1995 article in Forecast
on other autoimmune disease that go with IDDM, because Monday my endo had
ordered an adrenal insufficiency test for me (ACTH stimulation).  My blood
glucose stayed low (actually lower than usual) for the first 5 or so hours
after the injection, but then this afternoon they went up, and I wonder if the
injection caused it (the endo did not know if that would happen).   Anyway,
the article made me think this was a more desirable explanation for my nausea,
weight loss, and tiredness (and quite sharply lower insulin dosage) than
anything the gastroenterologist could tell me next week, so I wondered if
anyone on the list is dealing with it?   Forecast says the treatment is
"straightforward" and that you can be treated with pills, but some websites I
looked at were talking about always having the injections with you to avoid
Addisonian crises and how to inject into muscle, and I got suspicious that
this might be like saying insulin is a cure for diabetes.

Linda Zottoli
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/