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[IP] ny IP meeting

hey kids...

Since i have elected myself organizer of the year, we are gonna do this at
12:00 noon on Saturday 12/12/98...now the dilemma is where...wanna meet in the
park and go skating, wanna meet at a bar/restaurant...give me your input.

This is a chance for all of us New Yawk IP members to meet and greet...and
greg, you can come visit edith and hang with us too if ya wanna...and anyone
else who is gonna be in the area (Cheri)...I met Jeff today, and he doesnt
bite...Stu doesnt...I dont know about Fred...Mary bacon - you gonna 
come?  Yerachmiel?  who else...I know you are hiding out there.  Bring your
significant others if you want...or dont...I dont care...you can send them off
shopping at FAO schwartz if we are too scary of a group

If ya want to join in, please email me privately so I can add your name to the
"elite" new york list in my address book.

Bring your meter, your log, your best fudge recipe and lets see if we really
are as cool in real life as we all are on the internet!!!

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~[507] 
back to the long tubing and for once, seeming to prefer it...

do or do not - there is no try-----------------------YODA!
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