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[IP] Re: What should I Say?

Dear Dr. Johnson,

I am really glad you asked us all for our opinions.  I have a marvelous endo who does not have diabetes, but has always treated me like a partner in keeping me healthy, rather than a high-and-mighty god looking down on me and scolding when necessary.  This dr. went to a week-long clinic (at the International Diabetes Center here in Minneapolis) and became "diabetic for a week."  He had to give himself injections 4 times a day, test 4-6 times a day, write all of this down, and was given a specific carb. diet to follow.  He says that this experience gave him a new insite as to what we have to go through.  I wish more doctors would try this experiment.  I have had doctors who sit above me and tell me what I SHOULD be doing, and I found I wanted to rebel and that I had no support or reason to work at keeping it under control.  I found that with my current doctor, who wants to know how things are working for ME, rather that how I am working for his prescription, I am much more motivated to do well.

Thanks for asking!

Lisa (Whose doctor just asked if I wanted to do a commercial for Disetronic, since I am so THRILLED with my pump!)

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