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Re: [IP] Long-Term Pumping

Yes.  I have a little??  roll.  It definately gets better when I loose weight
(I'm probably a few lbs more than ideal 5-15 depending on who you ask. )
Exercise and simply eating less help.  I've never found anything that entirely
cures the fat (I've been pumping 17 years and taking shots in my abdomen for
longer) but I do find that being a little thinner and getting more exercise
helps some with the sites.

Edward wrote:

> A question for all of you long-term pumpers (10 or more years).
> I have been pumping for over 11 years and have primarily used my abdomen.
> For the past year or so, I have developed a great deal of fatty tissue that
> seems to be hindering my site longevity. My gut looks a little pregnant
> (even though there is no such thing as a "little pregnant") and my male ego
> is not happy about this.
> I have recently started using the Silhouette so I've been able to get into
> some clean sites to my sides.
> Is anyone else having a problem with fatty and odd-looking abs or am I just
> getting too old?
> ED
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