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Re: [IP] Long-Term Pumping

i've been pumping for 9 yrs.
i have the same problem, and it's tissue buildup.  i had been having the
same happen with injection sites.  they called it 'hypertrophy'.  took years
to get rid of.  and it's been highly recomended not to use those areas
again.  bummer, because i've been diabetic for almost 29yrs.  i'm running
out of spots.
i tried my sides with the silhoettes(sp?) and it
hhhhhhhhhuuuuuurrrrrrrttttttttttt........................  like the
i can't use my sides with the soft sets at all, just enough of a button to
easily get ripped out if i bumped into anything.  i get hung up enough with
my entrails don't want to add another obstacle.  hehehe

lisa ann
"I'm not sure yet, But this is the first lightning strike I've ever seen
that left behind a footprint."   (Mulder, 'XFiles')

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