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Re: [IP] What should I say?

I'd like to make a few comments here... first I have the most wonderful doc
in the universe!!! she's open to new ideas and treats me more like an
active participant then a patient... I wouldn't trade her for the world!!!
she doesn't have a lot of training in diabetes and I'm her only type 1, but
we work together on this disease... I'm the one that thought up the pump to
deal with all the horrible problems I've had and when I gave her medical
journal articles that I dug out... *I'm a doctoral student in sociology,
almost finished with my PhD, so I know how to use the indices* she read
them, we made calls, we discussed and debated and now here we are... 

the day I was diagnosed, I took charge... got in trouble with the ICU
nurses, fought, yelled, took no for an answer... I believe that medical
care is a commodity to be purchased and I want the best value from my
dollar... I've fired doctors, refuse to defer to them as better then me,
worked out alternatives to treatment that I can afford... all kinds of
crazy things, but these stunts have paid off well in my care...

I have seen so many hits to the pump manufacturers in the past few days,
and I do agree that they both seem to have their off days, but that's all
part of dealing with buerocracies and growing companies... 

my biggest problem is that I have no insurance due to falling in between
all the cracks that insurance companies can find, so I'm a cash customer
for everything... not easy when you're trying to finish a doctoral
program... diabetes care *minimal at best* eats up over 75% of my income
and I have had to use food banks, begged test strips from the lions club,
bartered and even set up a web site for a 24/7 bake sale on the internet to
help earn money so I can stay alive...

anyone interested in my website??? *hint hint???* no not marketing or
promoting here, just that these facts are my reality... a supportive
medical crew that works with me and ultimately, this is as we all know a
do-it-yourself disease... I'm reading this listserv and learning... thanks!!!!


At 09:49 AM 12/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>My biggest frustration with physicians is they want to "dictate" what I
>do.  I want to have a relationship with a physician.  Work with the
>physician and be respected for my level of knowledge.  In addition, I think
>it is important for physicians to realize that one plan for one diabetic
>may not work for all.  Also, the tone in which they speak with us.  I guess
>this really doesn't have to do with the pump, sorry.  AS far as the pump
>goes, I believe Physicians need to up on the positive and both the pumps
>that are out there.
>Thank you,
>Johnson, Dr. Ellen wrote:
>> Fellow Pumpers:
>>         I will have an opportunity to give a noon conference to the
>> medical staff of my community hospital.  As an insulin pumper and a
>> physician, I thought I might be in a unique position to speak from both
>> sides of the fence, so to speak.  I would like to know from all of you
>> what you would like physicians to know (does that make sense?).  Maybe
>> it's all the pros of being on the pump, or how it makes you a more
>> "compliant" patient (I hate that word).  I have only been on this list
>> for a few weeks, but I am truly impressed with the positive tone of all
>> the comments.  We all struggle, but it's really heartening to share the
>> struggle with you all.
>>         Please respond either to the list or privately.
>>         Thanks in advance!
>>                                                 Ellen Johnson (MD)
>>                                                 Family Practitioner,
>> Insulin Pumper
>>                                                 Lebanon, PA
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