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Re: [IP] What should I say?


My biggest frustration with physicians is they want to "dictate" what I
do.  I want to have a relationship with a physician.  Work with the
physician and be respected for my level of knowledge.  In addition, I think
it is important for physicians to realize that one plan for one diabetic
may not work for all.  Also, the tone in which they speak with us.  I guess
this really doesn't have to do with the pump, sorry.  AS far as the pump
goes, I believe Physicians need to up on the positive and both the pumps
that are out there.

Thank you,

Johnson, Dr. Ellen wrote:

> Fellow Pumpers:
>         I will have an opportunity to give a noon conference to the
> medical staff of my community hospital.  As an insulin pumper and a
> physician, I thought I might be in a unique position to speak from both
> sides of the fence, so to speak.  I would like to know from all of you
> what you would like physicians to know (does that make sense?).  Maybe
> it's all the pros of being on the pump, or how it makes you a more
> "compliant" patient (I hate that word).  I have only been on this list
> for a few weeks, but I am truly impressed with the positive tone of all
> the comments.  We all struggle, but it's really heartening to share the
> struggle with you all.
>         Please respond either to the list or privately.
>         Thanks in advance!
>                                                 Ellen Johnson (MD)
>                                                 Family Practitioner,
> Insulin Pumper
>                                                 Lebanon, PA
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