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Re: [IP] Re: what should I say?/ Attn: E Johnson

Hi Ellen,

Yes your right this is a great area of support for insulin pumpers.  I have
been on the list for almost a year and I have had numerous questions answered
that I might have struggled with otherwise.

I am not a diabetic but my daughter is and she recently started pumping
insulin 2 months ago.  I can tell you WITHOUT doubt or hesitation it has been
a blessing not only to Laura but to our entire family.  I worked very long and
hard (almost a year) to convince our Pedi Endo that a pump would be beneficial
to Laura.  It took us almost a year to convince him as had never put anyone on
a pump before but I think even he now realizes the benefits of the pump.  I
can only pray that we have paved the way for other children to be allowed this
opportunity. Laura is 8 years old and is doing beautifully with the pump.  She
is probably more responsible than your average 8 year old child (but aren't
most children who are diabetics?) as she has had to grow up quickly since her
diagnosis a year ago.  

After reading your post I thought I would write you so you could also mention
how wonderful "children" are doing on the pump.  Many endos won't consider a
pump until a child is 14 years old and I think this is so tragic.  Laura now
has very stable bs readings (whereas before no matter how hard we worked or
tried she seemed to be either high or low).  Even physically she looks and
feels better.  The other day she looked at me and said "mommy, now that I am
pumping I don't feel like I am a Diabetic anymore.  I feel just like a norma
kid again."  As a mother a statement like that 'speaks mountains.'   

I am sure I dont have to sell you on the pros of pumping being a physician as
well as an insulin pumper.  However, I did want to mention that as a mother of
a child on a pump I would love to see MORE children given the opportunity to
be on an Insulin Pump.  

I finally understand why Michael (who oversees this IP List) and the others
who have websites dedicated to children pumping are such advocates.  They have
seen what a change the pump has made in their children's lives and want to
spread this.  The insulin pump has literally changed our lives and we wouldn't
go back to shots for anything.

Thanks for listening,  

Sherri Lynn
Bartlesville, OK
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/