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Re: [IP] Ruth Give me Assistance not a lecturer. please

Dennis Cardone wrote:

> I mean... I may purchase a 507c, that's the unit I should be testing.
> For example next Thursday Disetronic will come to my home with a new
> Disetronic  pump for me to test,
> to review all its features, teach us to use it and bring the different
> infusion sets.  We will be able to form more thoughtful questions when
> we meet with our Endo. This request to MiniMed was met with a no. I
> think a company should put its best foot forward....."customer service
> is another name for it."

Probably they should.  The problem is that customer service at both pump
companies and at all the meter companies is variable and seems to
fluctuate.  The pump companies seem to fluctuate oppositely (if that makes
sense).  In other words, there will be a rash of minimed complaints and d.
will sound great.  Then, six months later, it will be the other way around.
I've tried calling and dealing with both at various times over the years.
The first years minimed existed they were great (they were a small company
and we knew everyone who answered the phone).  Since then, I've sometimes
gotten lousy service from m. and when I've called d. for info, I've gotten
lousy service too.  Other times they've been fabulous.  Part of the current
problem at m. might be a run on pumps (more people buying them).  I know
they are also having lots of trouble with insurance companies (as is d).  If
the insurance industry improved, it would probably help.

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