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Re: [IP] Pre-Existing Conditions

This is true.  It has changed a little by act of congress -- if you've
had continuous insurance and change employers, your new employers
insurance must operate to its full extent (unless your old policy
covered less in which case the pre-existing clause sometimes seems to
apply for the things the old policy didn't cover).  Generally, the
larger the employer the less likely the insurance co is to have a
pre-existing clause.  Sometimes they are hard to recognize and they
range from 1 month to 1 year.  I've seen less and less of the 1 year
ones so perhaps they are disappearing?   Employers with 500+ employees
are less likely to have exemptions in their policies (they get extra
benefits for the same price because they insure so many).

James Watson wrote:

> Somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that the old
> clause in health insurance about "non coverage of
> pre-existing conditions" had been found illegal/immoral/or
> generally not nice.  According to my memory, this makes it
> impossible for a new employer to exempt coverage for
> example, diabetes.
> Does anyone know whether my mind is completely gone, or if
> there is some thread of truth in it.
> Jay
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