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Re: [IP] Pre-Existing Conditions


There is some truth.  A Federal Law ( sorry don't know the name ) was
passed, I think in 1993 ( ? not sure on exact date ).  If a person with
a pre-existing condition can show / prove that they've had continuous
insurance for the last 30 days, the "new" insurance CANNOT apply
pre-existing constraints.  Employer's are also required by law to
provide you with a "Proof of Insurance" form when you leave them.  If at
anytime you are not insured, even one day, this law is Null and Void.
When switching jobs and say your new insurance does not start for 90
days, it's best to keep COBRA for those 90 days or you will fall under
the pre-existing rules with your new insurance.

I hope this makes sense and helps.


James Watson wrote:

> Somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that the old
> clause in health insurance about "non coverage of
> pre-existing conditions" had been found illegal/immoral/or
> generally not nice.  According to my memory, this makes it
> impossible for a new employer to exempt coverage for
> example, diabetes.
> Does anyone know whether my mind is completely gone, or if
> there is some thread of truth in it.
> Jay
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