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[IP] Thursday night forum with Dr. Vinik!

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow night's forum, the first of 3!  Dr.
Aaron I Vinik will be joining us to discuss Islet Cell Regeration.  In
the first hour, Dr. Vinik will discuss INGAP and ilotropin and what they
are and take questions concerning what it they are and how they work.
During the second hour, he will explain how Lilly is involved and what
he hopes to accomplish with them.

For those of you interested in helping Diabetes Institutes Foundation,
go to IGive.com at http://www.eyegive.com/html/splash.cfm  Where you
will find a link to have them give $2 to DIF.  Simply click it and fill
in the information, putting "Diabetes Institutes Foundation" in the
first box of section 2.  You only need to fill in the name and you don't
need their address to have $2 sent to them!  I thought this was a very
easy way to help DIF.

The forum will be tomorrow night, Thursday, Dec 3 at 10pm EST in my chat
room at http://www.virtualnurse.com/Chat/Diabetes/  For those of you
unable to make it to the forum, the entire chat will be posted the next
day on page 2 of my archives at

If you need more info or would like to receive these notices regularly in your
email rather than the mailing list, just write to me and let me know!


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