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Re: [IP] What should I say?

> I would like to know from all of you
> what you would like physicians to know (does that make sense?).  Maybe
> it's all the pros of being on the pump, or how it makes you a more
> "compliant" patient (I hate that word). 

I would love for you to at least mention that even children are
successfully pumping.  Many doctors do not think children younger than
12 can handle a pump, but many children much younger than 12 are
thriving under pump therapy.  Michael has a list of the little pumpers
here and could probably send a copy to you.  And there's not a single
one of the little ones that would go back to shots for anything!!

Kayla's mom (successful 5 year old pumper)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/