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[IP] my 1st DKA experience...

Hello all,
    Just returned home a few hours ago from the hospital!  Spent 2 days
there!  I was suppose to have a sigmoidoscopy and barium enema
yesterday.  I had to drink a bottle of Phospo soda...anyone else ever
used it?!?  I took the first dose not to bad but noticed my sugar
climbing slowly.  I tried to bolus to cover...to no avail!  I went to
take the 2nd dosage and couldn't hold it down.  From that point on I
threw up for 6 hours straight...I had nothing left in my stomach so I
started throwing up bile (a lot of it!)  Then the Drs. come in to tell
me I have DKA and need to be admitted - fun, fun!  They let me keep my
pump on but I have to say they have no clue about how to carb.
count!!!!  The nurses kept coming in my room asking me to show them how
it worked (which was cool) but after a million high blood sugars I
dropped to 46.  The nurse brought in a can of orange juice, 4 packs of
Saltines, 5 packs of Graham crackers, 3 packs of peanut butter...I told
her no way was I gonna eat all that, she insisted.  SO...I ate the
amount of carbs I knew I needed and hid the rest of the stuff.  Tested 1
hour later at 120 (thank you!)  I changed my site because I had it in a
week and my husband noticed puss dripping out of the end (not of me but
the canula (?)) when I pulled the site out!!!!!  Anyone ever had
that?!?  It wasn't infected (visibly, at least) and it didn't hurt
any?!?!?  As I said...I'm home now but my sugars are still kinda of
jumping around?!?!  The E.R. doc said it had nothing to do with the
sigmoid prep - 2 others said it did...what would be ya'lls consensus?!
Sorry to ramble -  Tonya D. :-)

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