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Re: [IP] Surgery and an insulin pump???


Regarding your question about having surgery while wearing a pump. I had neck
surgery in Feb 97. My endocrinologist is not in the same town I am, therefore
could not be at the surgery. She had me leave the pump on during surgery. My
surgeon and an internal medicine dr.spoke with her by phone to find out what
the blood glucose needed to be etc, I also explained how the pump worked etc
to them. Before during and after surgery they keep a careful check on my blood
glocose readings. The deal was, that no one in the hospital could operate the
pump, as no one knew anything about it. If my glucose readings got to high
during sugery then they were to give me an insulin injection as needed. If the
readings went to low they were to disconnect the pump temporialy  and treat my
low if needed. My husband and both my children were there, and they took over
the pump once I was out of recovery. My husband also keep track my blood
glucose readings  along with the nurses . He was there the whole time. Never
left. They keep me in the hospital a little over 24 hours. Also, they put
something in my IV to try and help maintain my blood glucose at a certain
letter during the surgery and recovery room. It worked well, I had no problems
at all. I hope this helps. I am not very good at writing it down. Will be glad
to try and answer any questions, you may have.  

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