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[IP] Kids in Russia

I am sorry for being persistent, but its hard not to be....This situation
haunts me.... I just read an article from the Moscow Times which better
explains to me what is going on in Russia.  It is so SCARY!

The Russian government, under old laws, is obligated to supply insulin to
its people with diabetes.  Until the mid-1980's, Russia manufactured its
own very impure animal insulin.  It subsequently quit production and got
its supplies from foreign suppliers, Lilly and Novo Nordisk (?).  I
understand that Lilly has been extending Russia credit for the last 3 years
(this I learned from word of mouth) and with 2 million diabetics that is a
sizable amount of insulin.  Russia needs about $100 million a year to
supply its population with insulin.  At this point, there is no $ to build
a new modern insulin prodcution facility which would be very expensive.

Russia now has only a 1-2 month supply of insulin and there is a question
as to whether it will be able to secure enough more for its population. 
The governement has no $ to pay for the insulin.  Doctors and diabetics are
extremely anxious and in fear for their lives.  Some are injecting only 2X
a week to conserve on their insulin supply.  Dangerously high levels of BGs
are being reported.  Some hopsitalizations are now being reported.

Before the economic crises, those who could afford to bypassed the
bureaucratic rationing and bought insulin but with the devaluation of the
Ruble, insulin is very expensive.   Obviously, supplies for BG monitoring
are almost non-existant.

To my knowledge, there is only one group that is actively concerned about
the Russian kids.  This group has, over the last few years, hosted about 60
Russian kids to diabetes camps in the Midwest.  It is through these kids
that they are aware of the dire circumstances in Russia.  This group is
having trouble getting enough donations (both $ and surplus supplies) to
keep the 60 kids that it has hosted with reasonable insulin and testing
supplies.  They may need to delay the shipment of supplies to Russia until
after Christmas, because there is not enough to justify shipping at this
time.  These kids tend to be the bright and gifted educated kids of the
next generation that will make a difference in Russia.

This group will take any surplus supplies that is not being used.  that is,
meter, finger lancets and devices, test strips or unopened unexpired
insulin.  Even if you have only a spare tester it is usable and with $ they
can buy test strips.

To  make a Christmas shipment, they had hoped to get it together by
December 10, but that does
not look like it is going to happen.

If you have anything to spare, please send it to:

            Russian Kids
            C/o Samuel Wentworth, MD
            1300 East Main Street
             Danville, IN 46122

Judith Renwick, the group's sole volunteer, can be reached at
    email @ redacted or email @ redacted

Judith has a 13 year old son with diabetes and has been involved with the
Russian kids when they visited the United States.  She says when you know
the people that are actually going through this, it is very tough.

More than almost anyone, the people on this I-P list can relate to the
panic the Russian kids must feel when confronted with the knowledge that
they do not know if or when they will get their next insulin.  Where their
objective has shifted from control to simply surviving.....

If y'all have anything to donate, I think this organizaiton is very
worthy.... These things will not be sold on the black market.

Thanks, very much

Diane Massey

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/