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[IP] What should I say?

                              - - Answer - - 
         December  2, 1998     3:33pm   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Gloria Ross, M.D.               Private     
     TO: Johnson, Dr. Ellen              
SUBJECT: [IP] What should I say?         

Ellen, I am a pumper and a psychologist working in a family practice residency
program.  I gave a presentation to the residents, with the help of another FPP
from Cincinnati who wears a pump. The goal was to explain the mechanism of the
pump, the possible improved control, how to initiate pump therapy, and the 
personal impact of improved energy level, freedom, control, etc of being on 
the pump.  There is very little pump information in the Dayton medical 
community, tho we have a pump support group of 30 - 50 and always receiving 
new members.  I received my pump when I lived in Toledo.  But as a result of 
my pressuring hospital administration, they now have a  diabetes 
educator/nurse who has become certified to put patients on the pump. Glad to 
talk with you privately also ( email @ redacted)

                               - - Mail - - 
         December  2, 1998     3:11pm   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Johnson, Dr. Ellen              Private     
     TO: GLORIAR                         
SUBJECT: [IP] What should I say?         

Fellow Pumpers:
    I will have an opportunity to give a noon conference to the medical staff 
of my community hospital.  As an insulin pumper and a physician, I thought I 
might be in a unique position to speak from both sides of the fence, so to 
speak.  I would like to know from all of you what you would like physicians to
know (does that make sense?).  Maybe it's all the pros of being on the pump, 
or how it makes you a more "compliant" patient (I hate that word).  I have 
only been on this list for a few weeks, but I am truly impressed with the 
positive tone of all the comments.  We all struggle, but it's really 
heartening to share the struggle with you all.
    Please respond either to the list or privately.
    Thanks in advance!
                        Ellen Johnson (MD)
                        Family Practitioner,
Insulin Pumper
                        Lebanon, PA 
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