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[IP] On the Cheap- Medicare Questions

Greetings Pumpers-
Well here I am looking for help again!  Due to escalating medical issues
I'm going to be going on Medicare soon and am desperately looking for
answers on how to save $$ now that the Blues will no longer be funding
my drug habits.
Questions -How can I save money on supplies etc?
1.  Take apart my Diesetronic batteries- check!
2.  A new law requires Medicare to pay for diabetic supplies, - I'm told
by my endo- how about pump supplies?  (I guess meter strips are
3.  I gather drugs - like Propulsid ($149.00 a month at Wal Mart) for my
gastroparesis, is not covered?  

Anyone have any ideas on how I can work this.  I'm unemployed, with no
income - Disability Benefits may be coming, but they're nothing to write
home about.  Please send a copy of any e-mail to me at
email @ redacted
Thanks and God bless.
Dianne   P.S.  You better believe I'm writing the pres.etc.  Thanks for
the good info updates and letters.
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