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[IP] Observation and continuing saga

As I wrote in my intro, I'm trying out a Minimed 506 preparatory to
getting my own pump.

One of the things I have noticed in many books and articles is that they
almost invariably say that the pump is more work than injections.

On the contrary, I have found it to be LESS work! I was already testing
frequently, and I was taking a minimum of 4 shots a day. It was a DRAG
to go get my pen and get it out to take another injection if my BG was
high, and so I mostly didn't.

And it was a drag, if I happened to get sleepy early (I'm an early to
bed and early to rise type), to have to wake up to take my N at the
right time to handle my dawn effect, so consequently, I didn't. (This is
the exact opposite of, but totally equivalent to the sleep-in problem
that many have mentioned!) 

With the pump, guess what, I can just fall into bed whenever I please
and NOT think about it!!!!! And I can just take little boluses (as small
as 0.2 unit) when I graze, and move around at a gathering, and not have
to go fish my pen out of my purse, or (to quote Mrs. Anonymous) make a
production out of taking a shot.

At any rate, the logjam of bureaucracy appears to have been cleared -- I
called the ins. co. and told them the doc's office was waiting for a
document they apparently didn't need, and the ins. co. rep called the
doc's office and clarified to them what they had to do.

Now I have to wait for the doc's office to figure out how to order the
pump, and how to arrange pump training -- the nurse finally admitted to
me that they'd never done it before!!!!!  No wonder the doc is making
noises about starting up in the hospital!!  But I hope the CDE's at the
diabetes center do some good hand-holding (for HIM, not me!) and
convince him it's really not necessary!

Plus the office nurse obviously hasn't figured out that there is more
than one brand of pump -- she said she had to ask the doc what pump to
order and what supplies to order -- didn't ask ME at all, and I could
have told her what I want!!

The fact is that I don't really care which pump they order, although I
prefer the MiniMed, but the ignorance of people who are supposed to be
experts in DM is astounding!


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