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Re: [IP] Kidney problem question

   Good memory - you're obviously younger than I am!! LOL....Yes, Melissa is
on ACE inhibitors & you can "read all about it" at  
<A HREF="http://virtualnurse.com/diabetes/renee.html">An ounce of kidney
prevention...</A> Some children are prone to "orthostatic proteinuria",
meaning they shed protein when upright, but for a child with diabetes, this
propensity exacerbates a situation in which the kidneys are potentially being
doubly stressed (i.e. from the high sugars too). She was "shedding" protein as
far back as age 6 (3 yrs prior to dx), but since her first morning urine was
always OK as compared to a "spot check" during the day at a doctor's appt, it
was dismissed. The truly odd thing about her scenario is that even when her 24
hr urine revealed massive amounts of PROTEIN ( we were way beyond microalbumin
at that point), her first morning urine was normal, as were all of her lab
tests. The kidney issue is one of many "cutting edge" dilemmas in which you'll
encounter tremendous resistance from the ped endos, whereas the nephrologists
are adamant that anyone with diabetes, evidencing a propensity to shed
protein, should be started on ACE inhibitors.
    Not sure if the issue of ingesting protein is different for adults, but
Melissa's ped nephrologist said the studies on restricting protein intake did
not warrant this approach. By the way, her blood pressure has remained 90/60
both before and since starting the Vasotec,almost 18 months ago. Apparently,
although the medication is designed for hypertension, when used in this
particular application for normotensive patients, it doesn't affect the blood
   Lastly, as to the question of whether or not they may discover harmful side
effects years from now from going this route, my answer is the same as when
the doctors told us 17 years ago that Melissa's big sister( who was 6 wks
premature) needed oxygen, which could potentially blind her.  Hmmm..let's
think about that for awhile....NOT!....When Melissa's 24 hour urine was
showing 2600 mg. (yes - almost THREE GRAMS) of protein & the vasotec cut that
# down to 288 mgs, the decision was a "no-brainer". Ask any nephrologist and
they'll tell you that screening EARLY on for indications of problems with
kidney filtration could alter the course of dialysis years from now for many
of these patients.

Renee (who did LOTS of on-line research prior to Melissa's kidney biopsy a
year ago)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/