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Re: [IP] Bubbles

Sam Skopp wrote:   
> A couple of possible ideas. First, Make sure the insulin is at room
> temperature when you load the cartridge. Cold insulin holds air and then
> releases it when it warms, causing bubbles. Second, make sure that when you
> prime the insulin bottle with air, that you don't push the air through the
> insulin... that just adds more air to the solution. Hold the insulin bottle
> right side up and push the air in from the top.
> Others may have more suggestions... but these seem to help me.

Pre-Load the cartridges and store them. The bubbles will 
precipitate out, and then you can prime them through. Of course 
this will still NOT remove ALL the bubbles. I generally use the arm 
thing from Unique Accessories and arrange it so that the luer lock 
on the cartridge is pointing down. That way I never have to worry 
about a bubble going into the set. They are usually still in the 
cartridge when I change it 10 days later.  


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